Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent

The role of a real estate agent in the industry is very important. He acts like the conductor of the orchestra, guiding each musician to deliver the right notes. He is the intermediary between many departments in the brokerage company, serving both client and the broker, and buyers and sellers. 

If you ever wonder what are the qualities of a successful real estate agent, read on the following guides: 

  1. “I got this!” attitude.  Believing that he can do all things is the greatest strength of a successful real estate agent. He knows that every client and situation can give various challenges. No matter how difficult the trials look like, he always keeps a positive outlook on his work and life in general. 
  2. Self-motivated. A real estate agent who has a listing of Washington DC homes for sale behaves like he is the boss of his own business. He will be working alone most of the time and this needs him to be self-inspired and to make smart decisions.
  3. Honesty and integrity. You will build a great reputation in years, but it only takes one mishap to ruin your career. Being honest with your clients and to everyone else will help you maintain a good name in the industry. To make you a credible realtor and to understand your profession better, it is recommended that you become a member of the National Association of Realtors. In this organization, you need to practice the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice at all times.
  4. “Never say die” attitude. A successful real estate agent is very tenacious in pursuing every lead. He doesn’t give up no matter how many times he faces rejections. He remains aggressive in marketing his service even after many unsuccessful attempts. He is not just working hard, he is also working smart. He doesn’t let any day pass him unproductive.
  5. Great personality. Having a wonderful personality will get you far in the industry. People will like talking to you if you have an amiable personality. Treat your clients and workmates with respect and you’ll be respected too. Reply to the inquiries of many interesting parties as soon as you can.  Say “hi” to people even if they don’t know you. In other words, show interest in meeting other people. Being snobbish will not get you far in the real estate industry.  
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How do I Market Myself as a Real Estate Agent?

The title is the most common dilemma of many novice real estate agents. As a realtor, they make money from the sales commission for every transaction that they closed. Meaning, the more sales they closed, the more earnings they will have. This motivates them to be more than just an agent waiting for his luck. He wants to market himself but how? Here are few suggestions: 

Publicize Yourself 

  1. Make your name be heard by as many as possible. Arm yourself with well-designed business cards and posters that you can give to complete strangers.
  2. Create a professional real estate blog. If you hated writing compositions during high school and college, maybe the time has come for you to embrace it as an indispensable tool for your job. Create a blog site where you can build an image as an expert in all aspects of real estate.
  3. Participate in community events.  Join civic groups and local business groups so that people will recognize you and remember your business. Get more exposure within the community. It helps in getting your new clients. 
  4. Keep an open communication with your past clients. Remember your past clients on their special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries by delivering homemade cookies. Send greeting cards on holidays or just phone them once in a while. Your previous clients can be a good source for referring potential clients.

Organize Open Houses 

  1. As a new agent, you might want to attend open houses organized by other agents. Open houses are a great way for you to meet potential clients.
  2. Make an open house event more fun and engaging. Don’t push the business side of an open house too much on the attendees’ throat. They want to know about the property and your skills first but they want it to be memorable as well.  Take a few minutes to engage every guest in a conversation. It shows that you are interested in meeting them.
  3. Encourage each guest to sign a log book where they write their name and contact details. In the next day or two, send thank you notes to the attendees. It will surely put a smile on their faces and will make them remember you.


  1. Surround yourself with other professionals who can be a great source of leads. This includes lenders, accountants, contractors and other real estate agents.
  2. Use the social media to create new networks. Social media is already a form of networking in nature. You just need to make your profile more business-like to send a signal to your friends and to their friends that you are a “consultant” for matters concerning real estate.
  3. Send emails to targeted professionals. Get email leads from the open houses that you attend to and create a professionally written email. Just make sure that you don’t spam their inboxes. Sending one email per month is acceptable.


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Las Vegas Top Real Estate Agents

Las Vegas Top Real Estate Agents

The residential real estate industry in Las Vegas and in the entire Nevada has faced difficulty for the last seven years.  The industry has felt the impact of looming economy and the incapacity of the market to buy homes to give way for more needs. However, as the economy starts to steady, and so thus the residential market in Las Vegas too.

Real estate agents in Las Vegas have been in serious roller coaster ride over the past few years. Today, however, they acknowledged a better condition in the economy and took a major push with their sales. Let us take a look as to who emerged as best real estate agents in Las Vegas with their sales force:

Carol Bond (CRS Dickson Realty Specialties)

Carol is an expert in finding and selling homes for single family, luxury properties, and townhomes. In her official website, we learned that she was born and raised in Brampton countryside. She and her family currently live in Georgetown and enjoy exploring the Credit River and other natural wonders around her area. She loves her marketing job for over two decades- enough time to build her credibility in helping others sell and look for their own houses.

Ivan Sher (Shapiro & Sher)

For many years, his company becomes the standard of expertise and integrity in the luxury real estate department.  Ivan has been in the industry for over 21 years, spending much of his time helping others market their houses and looking for Las Vegas luxury homes that fit the needs of his clients.  His expertise in the field made him a credible authority in dealing highest selling transactions in Las Vegas.

Ivan is making use of all marketing tools available to reach all key players in the real estate business- the realtors, the prospective buyers, and sellers. One of his strategies is to stay connected with his past clients, making sure that they are happy with their transactions and his willingness to help should they need his service. His office is open every day to respond to any queries or act on any request right away.

Rick Brenkus (Keller Williams Realty)

Rick has been in the industry for over 30 years, enough to develop his credibility as one of the most efficient and successful real estate agents in the industry. He is specializing in helping others buy and sell single family homes. Together with his wife, they have sold more than 4,000 and his listings are featured in over 900 internet sites to guarantee maximum exposure.

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Tips For First Time Real Estate Hiring

Perhaps this is your first time taking a Real Estate action, and you need the help of a good agent. For the uninitiated, it’s fundamental to discover an agent who imparts plainly and completely with you, is effectively reachable and reacts to inquiries well. The agent is your face to the groupand your conductor for all data. Not exclusively does data should be introduced in the correct way. It should additionally precisely speak to. The lion’s share of grumblings about agents needs to do with the absence of correspondence.

Useful Tips for First-Time Real Estate Hiring

Either the agents are difficult to connect with, or when the customers do contact them, they give short, fragmented answers instead of clarifications. Tender loving care will uncover indications with regards to the dealer’s interpersonal abilities at an opportune time. For example, check how the intermediary displays his or her postings. Pay attention to the level of value and consistency, sentence structure and word decision matter, as well. Furthermore, turn an eye toward how they compose or address you, also. You should ask yourself: On the off chance that they contacted me namelessly, how could they do as such? Did they do as such carefully?

That will be an unmistakable marker with reference to how they’ll speak to you later. Be sure to hire a trustworthy firm. The individual agent isn’t the just a single worth examining. The firm he or she works with is, as well. Every financier has its own particular culture that it imparts in its kin. Some are quite recently searching for a fast buck. Going into the company’s workplaces, as opposed to meeting the agent in the city, might be a decent call. You should not be afraid because there are plenty of good real estate agents out there, but be sure to invest some time and effort into the research.

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Options In Real Estate Agents

There are plenty of different options you can pick when it comes to the matter of real estate agents. In taking a gander at Real Estate agents, get a feeling of each one’s approach, and how it adjusts to your own. In case you discover comfort in size, run with a major real estate agency. Then again, in case you’re charmed by a more individualized experience, a littler organization might be a superior match. On the other hand, even if a real estate agent appears to be kind and gentle on the surface, you should be careful because there could often be cases of fudging of truths.

Main Options in Real Estate Agents

Given the significance of trust, any suspicion of unscrupulousness in your agent is motivation to safeguard. There will be early cautioning signs if a specialist is being insincere. Listings ought to plainly detail the name of the merchant and their firm, and additionally any related charges. Keep in mind costs will change pending the local economy and market trends. Click here for the latest economic insights. Also, on the off chance that you discover a property online that says it was recorded by the proprietor, however when you call, you wind up addressing an agent, you are as of now being swindled.

Another indication of trickiness is if a posting determines that there’s no merchant expense, however, when you connect, the agent guarantees the house is as of now leased yet they have something comparable which entails a charge. Untrustworthiness can likewise come through making the top guarantees or expressing a lot of assurance with regards to the result of an arrangement. Irregularity between what an agent guarantees in an email and what they offer up close and personal ought to be taken as another notice sign. Since a property is not a small investment by any means, you should always be careful and pick the right agent to work with.

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