Las Vegas Top Real Estate Agents

Las Vegas Top Real Estate Agents

The residential real estate industry in Las Vegas and in the entire Nevada has faced difficulty for the last seven years.  The industry has felt the impact of looming economy and the incapacity of the market to buy homes to give way for more needs. However, as the economy starts to steady, and so thus the residential market in Las Vegas too.

Real estate agents in Las Vegas have been in serious roller coaster ride over the past few years. Today, however, they acknowledged a better condition in the economy and took a major push with their sales. Let us take a look as to who emerged as best real estate agents in Las Vegas with their sales force:

Carol Bond (CRS Dickson Realty Specialties)

Carol is an expert in finding and selling homes for single family, luxury properties, and townhomes. In her official website, we learned that she was born and raised in Brampton countryside. She and her family currently live in Georgetown and enjoy exploring the Credit River and other natural wonders around her area. She loves her marketing job for over two decades- enough time to build her credibility in helping others sell and look for their own houses.

Ivan Sher (Shapiro & Sher)

For many years, his company becomes the standard of expertise and integrity in the luxury real estate department.  Ivan has been in the industry for over 21 years, spending much of his time helping others market their houses and looking for Las Vegas luxury homes that fit the needs of his clients.  His expertise in the field made him a credible authority in dealing highest selling transactions in Las Vegas.

Ivan is making use of all marketing tools available to reach all key players in the real estate business- the realtors, the prospective buyers, and sellers. One of his strategies is to stay connected with his past clients, making sure that they are happy with their transactions and his willingness to help should they need his service. His office is open every day to respond to any queries or act on any request right away.

Rick Brenkus (Keller Williams Realty)

Rick has been in the industry for over 30 years, enough to develop his credibility as one of the most efficient and successful real estate agents in the industry. He is specializing in helping others buy and sell single family homes. Together with his wife, they have sold more than 4,000 and his listings are featured in over 900 internet sites to guarantee maximum exposure.

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