The title is the most common dilemma of many novice real estate agents. As a realtor, they make money from the sales commission for every transaction that they closed. Meaning, the more sales they closed, the more earnings they will have. This motivates them to be more than just an agent waiting for his luck. He wants to market himself but how? Here are few suggestions: 

Publicize Yourself 

  1. Make your name be heard by as many as possible. Arm yourself with well-designed business cards and posters that you can give to complete strangers.
  2. Create a professional real estate blog. If you hated writing compositions during high school and college, maybe the time has come for you to embrace it as an indispensable tool for your job. Create a blog site where you can build an image as an expert in all aspects of real estate.
  3. Participate in community events.  Join civic groups and local business groups so that people will recognize you and remember your business. Get more exposure within the community. It helps in getting your new clients. 
  4. Keep an open communication with your past clients. Remember your past clients on their special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries by delivering homemade cookies. Send greeting cards on holidays or just phone them once in a while. Your previous clients can be a good source for referring potential clients.

Organize Open Houses 

  1. As a new agent, you might want to attend open houses organized by other agents. Open houses are a great way for you to meet potential clients.
  2. Make an open house event more fun and engaging. Don’t push the business side of an open house too much on the attendees’ throat. They want to know about the property and your skills first but they want it to be memorable as well.  Take a few minutes to engage every guest in a conversation. It shows that you are interested in meeting them.
  3. Encourage each guest to sign a log book where they write their name and contact details. In the next day or two, send thank you notes to the attendees. It will surely put a smile on their faces and will make them remember you.


  1. Surround yourself with other professionals who can be a great source of leads. This includes lenders, accountants, contractors and other real estate agents.
  2. Use the social media to create new networks. Social media is already a form of networking in nature. You just need to make your profile more business-like to send a signal to your friends and to their friends that you are a “consultant” for matters concerning real estate.
  3. Send emails to targeted professionals. Get email leads from the open houses that you attend to and create a professionally written email. Just make sure that you don’t spam their inboxes. Sending one email per month is acceptable.