What is a Community

Community foundations are the fastest growing sector or philanthropy. There are more than 500 nationwide that are dedicated to serving charitable interests in a specific geographic area. Community foundations offer a service through which individuals, organizations, and businesses can support the causes and charities in which they believe.

A community foundation is a vehicle through which a wide variety of charitable funds are administered. The majority of the funds are created as endowments, which means that the foundation invests the principal of the fund and only uses a portion of the earning to support the charitable purpose for which the fund is designated. This ensures that the fund will perpetually support the purpose for which it was intended.

As a community foundation, GMCT exists to serve the greater Morgantown area by meeting the community’s charitable needs. While the greater Morgantown area changes, GMCT is able to respond to those changes. Your community foundation is building permanent charitable resources that will be used for generations to address issues that are of the utmost contemporary importance to residents of all ages.