Services and Fees

As a donor giving a contribution of $5,000 or  $5 million, you are offered a wide range of professional services through GMCT. Your community foundation manages creating a fund to ongoing distribution and monitors the evaluation of grants, GMCT works for you as a donor and for you as a resident of the greater Morgantown area.


·        Fund agreement

·         Assistance in gift planning

·         Investment and financial management

·         Charitable advisory services

·         Grant making services

·         Gift acknowledgement

·         Publicizing of fund

·         Perpetuation of our donor’s legacy


Administrative fees cover general and investment/financial management services, charitable advisory services and grant making assistance to ensure donors’ wishes are carried out properly to best benefit the charitable cause(s) specified. These fees are obviously much more cost effective as compared to creating a private foundation seeing that GMCT’s fund management, legal and financial services are provided at no additional cost. 

Type of FundMinimum ContributionFee
Unrestricted$1,0001.5% of market value/year
“Acorn”Agency Endowment$1,0001.5% of market value/year
Agency Endowment$10,0001.5% of market value/year
Field of Interest$10,0001.5% of market value/year
Designated$10,0001.5% of market value/year
Donor Advised$10,0001.5% of market value/year
  • 1/4 of the fee will be assessed at the end of each calendar quarter.
  • Trustee Bank fees are in addition to GMCT’s adminstrative fees.