GMCT is pleased to announce the following NAMED FUNDS at our community foundation working for you!  These funds serve a variety of charitable purposes, all of which to improve our community.  We are grateful to these donors and proud to have these funds.

Donor Advised Funds

C. Andrew and Cynthia C. Heiskell Family Fund:  The donor may make suggestions to GMCT concerning disbursements from the fund at any time.  Principal and earned income may be used.

Bill and Linda Suttle Family Fund: The donor may make suggestions to GMCT concerning disbursements from the fund at any time.  Principal and earned income may be used.

Field of Interest Funds

Aviation Education Field of Interest Fund Hart Field Coalition has created a field of interest fund to provide educational, aviation programs to the area.  One of the Coalition’s major projects includes creating several Aerospace Education and Flight Training scholarships.  These scholarships will provide opportunities for youth in the Morgantown region to enter the exciting and rewarding field of aviation, a $146 billion industry. Books for

Babies Designated Fund:To provide mothers of newborns in the hospital the Read to Your Bunny book to encourage reading to their child to increase literacy in Monongalia and surrounding counties. 

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Field of Interest Fund: To provide support to the field of prevention fo cruelty to animals.

Rape & Domestic Violence Field of Interest Fund:To provide support to the field of rape and domestic violence.

Charles Whiston, Jr. Memorial Fund: Provides funding for the upper baseball field situated at the corner of Park View Avenue and Hite Street in memory of Charles Whiston, Jr.  

WV Miracle Sports Complex Field of Interest Fund:  This fund will be used to create the WV Miracle Sports Complex for handicapped individuals which will allow them to participate in a team sport for the first time in an environment that accommodates their needs.  Upon completion of the field, the fund will serve as an endowment to support the upkeep of the field. 

Metropolitan Theatre Field of Interest Fund:  Provides funding for the restoration, operation, and maintenance of the historic Metropolitan Theatre.   

Scholarship Funds

HopeWorks Scholarship Fund: To provide scholarships to students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance due to loss of parental support from death, divorce or loss of income.  Recipients shall be graduates of a Monongalia County high school and be regularly enrolled as undergraduate students in a college or university.

Ernest Daniel Conaway, Raymond Guy Baker and Everett Reece Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund:  To provide for the year’s tuition and fees each year thereafter, to benefit a financially a needy medical school student and a financially needy engineering student.  Both students must be West Virginia residents who attend West Virginia University.  The students must maintain a 2.0 gpa. 

WVU Upward Bound Scholarship Fund: Available for WVU Upward Bound participants who reside in the Preston High SChool or Clay-Battelle High School attendance areas, maintain a high school GPA of 2.0, are a potential first generation college student, and area a member of a family whoe taxable income does not exceed 150% of the federal income poverty level.

Designated Funds

Ruth and John Garlow Education Trust: To support charitable purposes of education, including the development of schools of Monongalia County.

Kaleidoscope Designated Fund: To provide suport to all projects of the Kaleidoscope Program.

Community Park Association Designated Fund:  To provide support to the projects of the Community Park Association.

Williams Designated Fund:  The principal and income of this fund is used to support recreational projects of BOPARC.

Valley HealthCare System Agency Designated Fund: Provides resources to support Valley Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center, Inc.

Agency Endowment Funds

Red Cross Laurel Chapter Agency Endowment Fund:To annually provide its net income to the Red Cross laurel Chapter.

Mountain Heart Foundation Agency Endowment Fund: When fully funded, the earned income will be disbursed to the organization annually to support the annual camp, Camp Mountain Heart, for children with congenital heart disease.

Morgantown Theatre Company Agency Endowment Fund: Once fully funded, the income from the fund will be annually distributed to the Morgantown Theatre Company to aid in securing the theatre’s future costs to remain operational.  Widely recognized as the premiere children’s community theatre program in north central West Virginia, the organization provides school age children with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide variety of theater arts activities which include:  acting, singing, dancing, set and prop design, lighting, sound effects, makeup, stage management, and even directing.

Morgantown Publicy Library System Agency Endowment Fund: The net income will annually be used to benefit projects of the Morgantown Public Library System.

Mended Heart #209 Agency Endowment Fund: Once fully funded, the income from the fund will be annually distributed to aid Mended Heart #209’s operations.

Mon River Rails for Trails Endowment Fund: Once fully funded, the net income will be annualy used to develop, administer, manage and maintain 45 miles of the 51 mile Rail-Trail system.

Administrative Funds

GMCT Adminstrative Endowment: Once fully funded, this endowment will be used to support the daily operations of GMCT that allow individuals to create funds to benefit the greater Morgantown area.