HopeWorks Scholarships Awarded

GMCT awarded the HopeWorks Scholarship to five Monongalia High School granduates who demonstrated need for financial assistance due to loss of financial assistance (loss of parent, divorce, loss of income). Melissa Keenan, Bonnie Kavanaugh, Derrick Ehrhardt, Christina Speakman, and Aimee Mallow are the recipients for 2001-2001 HopeWorks Scholarship. Each student will receive $1,500 to be applied towards tuition and fees at the university he/she is attending.

  GMCT Brings Clothing & School Supplies to Many Local ChildrenThrough the Help of the Hott and Brown Foundations

Over 50 deserving children in grades K-6 in Monongalia County were awarded WalMart vouchers to be used for clothing and school supplies. These children were recognized as being in financial need and whose continued participation in the education process was hindered by lack of funds for such necessities as clothing and educational materials. GMCT was generously thanked by the parents of these children for silently providing their children with items which not only meet necessities, but also open up the doors for allowing the children to feel proud to have a new pair of jeans and a notebook. GMCT sincerely thanks the Hott and Brown Foundations for supporting this important project.

Nonprofit Roundtable Brings Several Charities Together

On March 8th, GMCT held a Nonprofit Roundtable to discuss the importance of endowment funds and planned giving to charitable organizations. Over forty-five nonprofit representatives attended. Due to the success of this roundtable, GMCT plans to hold another one this summer.

Laptop Computer Awarded to a Child with Heart and Hearing Impairments

GMCT awards a lap top computer to the Mountain Heart Association for a child, Tyler Labin, with hearing impairments as well as a heart condition. Tyler plans on using the computer to communitcate to other children. Despite the impairments Tyler faces, his energy and faith allow him to excel in a school for the hearing impaired in Romney. Tyler is also an active participant in the Camp Mountain Heart program. he visits his family and friends in Morgantown every weekend.